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Phone number 0080002302023

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Added: 2017-11-22

Asian scammers, they say they are from BT, even had my name but am not with BT, they want to get into your PC so hang up.

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Added: 2016-04-16

  no info
The call cost me 37 pounds

Added: 2016-04-22

  no info
I am a student

Added: 2016-04-24

  no info
Received a call but with silence when I answered

Added: 2016-04-29

  no info

Added: 2016-05-05

  no info

Added: 2016-05-13

  no info
Looking to find out who has phoned me

Added: 2016-05-21

  no info
Whose no is this

Added: 2016-05-22

  no info
Who is this

Added: 2016-05-22

  no info

Added: 2016-05-27

  no info
This number has called me three times today. And also several times this week.

Added: 2016-05-30

  no info

Added: 2016-06-05

  no info
Someone keeps calling me from this number would like to know the name of caller

Added: 2016-06-06

  no info
john will

Added: 2016-06-12

  no info
from berkshire

Added: 2016-10-03

They called but when I picked up the line cut off,not going to redial from my mobile phone! 0843 410 1203

Added: 2016-10-25

i dont know whose number is this.I took the call but the guy spoke very fastly and i couldnt make out

Added: 2016-11-10

recorded survey from legal & general, always rings during evenings

Added: 2016-11-30

03445560265 payment due in two days time contact us Cabot (company) if you need anything believe it's a Scam

Added: 2016-12-08

Been calling me every day, as soon as I pick up it hangs up. If I don't answer, it won't leave a message.

Added: 2017-01-11

i do not know who this is they texted me

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