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Phone number 05456681492

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Added: 2017-12-11

silent caller, rings at any time sometimes identifies himself as a talk talk engeenier

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Added: 2016-03-04

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I got a call a few minutes after 8:00 AM this morning, evidently this caller is in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, but when I called back it went into a message mode with a robotic voice just repeating the number called and to leave a message after the tone. So I hung up. This could be someone trolling for active phone numbers which would involve unsolicited salespeople or scam artists. If they really wanted to talk to "ME", you would think they would leave a message for me, wouldn't you?

Added: 2016-03-10

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Always being called

Added: 2016-04-21

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Phoned twice

Added: 2016-04-29

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Added: 2016-05-03

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Added: 2016-05-05

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Added: 2016-05-06

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This number keeps calling me

Added: 2016-05-10

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Added: 2016-05-23

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Annoyed customer

Added: 2016-06-04

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Whos owns this number

Added: 2016-06-05

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Added: 2016-06-13

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Added: 2016-08-21

Received a text from this number stating they were from Gumtree security and they had suspended my ad asking me to log in through a link to sort out the issue. Logged in through my secure App and funny enough my advert was fine. Assume they conmen are just after bank details etc so beware.

Added: 2016-09-14

Same message I received from them. under arrest if I do not call back and from the IRS. complete scam never call them back!

Added: 2016-10-05

I am being charged for calls to this number but have not rung them .

Added: 2016-11-01

This number appeared on my house phone but I don't recognise it My number(in Spain) is 0034635335624 (mob)

Added: 2017-01-17

sudden missed call comes at late nights. Don't call back.. It's a trap.

Added: 2017-02-06

Just trying to find out who it is

Added: 2017-03-17

Keeps sending texts with a fb code I didn't request one

Added: 2017-11-13


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