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Phone number 0706764580

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Last rating 2017-11-21
Degree of danger Unknown
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Added: 2017-11-21

This caller will call persistantly. I have no idea who they are but they are creepy. If you pick up and you dont say anything, they will hang up immediately, but if you do say something like your name they will stay on the line and listen which is super creepy

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Added: 2016-04-05

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Added: 2016-04-22

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This number has been harassing me. Keeps calling me when I told him to stop

Added: 2016-04-25

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stella lariba

Added: 2016-05-09

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Added: 2016-05-09

  no info
They say they are BT Openreach and that we hve downloaded a virus.....conversation did not go any further ! (I hung up)

Added: 2016-05-12

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Added: 2016-05-12

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hes annoying

Added: 2016-05-15

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10 Pontypridd rd porth

Added: 2016-05-15

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What information?

Added: 2016-05-17

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Added: 2016-05-20

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i m pakistani

Added: 2016-05-22

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Emily Meehan

Added: 2016-05-23

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Added: 2016-05-31

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Added: 2016-06-07

  no info
Someone texted my boyfriend off this number and called him awful names.

Added: 2016-06-09

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Added: 2016-06-09

  no info
Needs to know

Added: 2016-09-13

This number is constantly calling me. I don't wish to be harassed by them

Added: 2016-11-24

Has called before...said they were an Insurance Company then mentioned accident claims...Told them to remove my number from their data base & i will report them

Added: 2016-12-01

'Richard' has rang my mother from this number today. He's told her that her tv service is going down to L5pm and wanted her bank details. I was getting bit suspicious wit the way she was responding and told her to hang up so she told him she had to go as was going out, he hung straight up. Needless to say he didn't get her details. I rang the number straight back and it wasn't accepting calls at that time. Be careful and.warn others, especially elderly people, not to give out any information over the phone to anyone.

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