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Phone number 07900567923

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Added: 2017-11-20

I think this person has rung me more than once and then when go to answer it it goes dead

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Added: 2016-03-14

  no info
This person keeps calling me

Added: 2016-03-30

  no info
They called me and they dont answer back.

Added: 2016-04-11

  no info
Queen of the land

Added: 2016-04-27

  no info

Added: 2016-04-29

  no info
It's goffer debt management and finance advice company

Added: 2016-05-09

  no info
some one has sent me sms

Added: 2016-05-10

  no info

Added: 2016-05-11

  no info
Who is this

Added: 2016-05-17

  no info
looks like they're busy today, i got a call from this number too, same date as everyone else ... think we can forget stalker :D

Added: 2016-05-20

  no info

Added: 2016-05-23

  no info
Keeps calling

Added: 2016-10-01

Time waster Long Distance not answer as this may cost you lots of money

Added: 2016-10-14

Blackmailed a couple and killed their family dog by hanging it and he then sent pictures to the couple. Name not yet know.

Added: 2016-10-26

Company called Redstar wanted to discuss about my credit cards prior to 2009 and ppi claims -scammers

Added: 2016-11-09

This number keeps calling me. I'm disabled so struggle to reach the phone. I have an answer-phone but no-one ever speaks or even listens to the whole message. Anyone know this number please? x

Added: 2016-11-21

Definitely a scam from reading through the comments. When this number called me he wanted to talk about unsecured debts/ loans against my name.

Added: 2016-12-07

This company continues to cold call, despite being asked to stop and remove me from their database.

Added: 2016-12-09

Harassing me and saying it's one of my friends when its not.

Added: 2016-12-13

This number has repeatedly called my wife 7 times so far with no answer once I've asked him who it is what is it about keeps putting the phone down and calling me back

Added: 2017-11-10

Scam artist

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