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1. Privacy Policy of

2. Website and all its content is protected by the law, especially copyrights.

3. All the things not mentioned in Privacy Policy will be treated according to the law.

4. In case of breaking the copyrights, website owner and the authors will go to the court.

5. The owner of has the right to change this privacy policy by publishing a new one on the website. In case of any question, please contact us.

6. Administrator of does not collect any personal data of his customers and third parties.

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8. The authors of multimedia on the website do not agree to any modifications without a written consent.

9. Website uses Cookie Technology for the purposes of statistics. The offer on the website worldphonelookup.comis not an offer according to the law. The website is only for informative purposes.

10. The website owner and the authors are not responsible for moral and financial losses.

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