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Screening my calls

Some call screening features may come with your phone, for instance settings that allow you to block certain numbers from calling or texting you or block calls and texts from a certain hour. Your phone service provider may offer other screening options which consists mainly in displaying the identity of the caller, provided they have it in their database. However, these features don´t cover the wide array of situations that we may find when it comes to unknown calls. Most probably scammers won´t use a registered phone number or they will block the ID. Basically speaking, these numbers are like ghosts which appear out of nowhere. But this website helps reveal potential dangers because its information is crowdsourced. No one commits the same mistake twice and no scammer can scam the same community twice either. If some user of our website notices an irregular activity from a certain phone number, they add this phone number with a warning to the other users. That´s how, collectively, we prevent possible scams.

Why else is important to screen my calls?

Generally speaking, screening can never harm and it can only improve your phone communication experience. If you work with several clients or partners, or even if you have many acquaintances in your private life and some ex partners or current acquaintances who you don´t want to call you at specific hours, screening is always useful. You can prevent a business or domestic disaster by simply checking before you answer your phone. WorldphoneLookup is your elemental tool in this important task.

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